Polycon Pakistan Pvt Ltd
Supertuff Water Tanks

About the Product

Supertuff water tanks are made from food grade FDA Certified raw material imported by Polycon Pakistan Pvt Ltd from the leading resin suppilers such as Etilinas, Sabic, Borouge, Exxon Mobil and BP.

Supertuff water tanks are seamless, light weight and extremely strong. They are resistant to the harmful effects of UV radiation and have a service life of more than 10 years.

Supertuff water tanks are available in 2 basic configurations:

(i) Vertical Tanks (ii) Horizontal Tanks

Vertical Tanks have a smaller base but greater height. They are ideal for locations where the base storage area is small.

Horizontal Tanks have a greater base area. This results in greater load distribution of the total weight of water. Horizontal tank is ideal for areas where horizontal storage area is not an issue and the load requirement on the storage surface is low.

What you need to know:

Whenever purchasing a water tank for drinking water storage always ensure that it is black and manufactured from food grade material. The black color prevents light from penetrating into water hence bacteria and fungus do not grow inside the tank. The food grade compliance of the material ensures that the plastic does not react with water or release any harmful toxins that could pollute and cause health hazards.


Supertuff tanks are readily available throughout Pakistan via a comprehensive distribution cum dealership network. Our main distributors are located in Lahore,Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Abbottabad, Peshawar & Karachi. Please refer to the "About us" section for contact details.

After Sales Service:

Supertuff tanks are backed with a comprehensive after-sales service and backup support. If, in any case, your tank gets damaged due to improper installation or accident our team of professioanls will respond to your call and offer a repair job of the damaged water tank. For any complaints please call us or inform our nearest dealer.

Supertuff Water TanksSupertuff Water TanksSupertuff Water Tanks